Oppenheim Toy Portfolio

Welcome back Swamp Angel! Pee-yip! In this long overdue sequel to the award winning classic, Swamp Angel, the larger than life size heroine has moved to Montana, where there would be enough space for her gigantic self. But when great storms blow up in her new territory, Swamp Angel rides a cloud of dust and tames her own mighty steed, Dust Devil. Soon after that, the Angel and her dusty sidekick are faced with the villain, Backward Bart and his gang. These bad guys ride giant mosquitoes, since no self-respecting horses would carry such ornery Desperadoes. Bad old Bart only speaks backwards, so there is a hoot of good read-aloud fun in Anne Isaacs’ word play. This imaginative tall tale just gets funnier as the good guys triumph. In the process, the Grand Canyon and all those geysers and buttes are the work of - you guessed it - none other than our heroine. As for the bad guys—they just might show up again—or at least the gold fillings from their teeth were last sighted headed for California. Did somebody mention the Gold Rush? Let’s hope we don’t have to wait as long for the next amazing saga of Swamp Angel. Without a doubt, this gifted team has produced the best picture book of the year! 5-9.